The increased traffic and the changes in the composition of vehicles on our highways resulted in an increased focus on passive road restrain systems. These systems are the result of costly and time consuming development of civil engineers, serving the security of passengers along our roads and bridges.

Guardrails are such passive safety systems. The European Comity for Standardization (CEN) has worked out a complex system of standards harmonized in all European Countries, in Hungary marked as MSZ EN 1317/1,2 and 5. These standards are not defining the positioning, installation, geometry or dimensions of these systems, instead are classifying these structures by their performance and the results acquired thru crash tests.

The main characteristics of these systems defined by these tests are the Containment Level, the Acceleration Severity Index and the Working width parameters – among others. The European – as well as the Hungarian – regulation – recognizes compliance of these systems to such set of requirements strictly based on test reports issued by homologated institutions, which allow the classification of the given system.


Based on the different definition of performance classes, member countries are allowed to build their national set of requirements, defining the different types allowed to be used in different traffic conditions, like bridges, underpasses, junctions, high risk traffic situations.

From now on, the performance classes replace the detailed physical composition and geometry of our road restrain systems, allowing a simpler choice to find the suitable system for a given situation.

Guardrails distributed by Tubo Hungária Ltd are used on Hungarian motorways and national roads since 1991 and were the first EN1317 certified systems introduced in Hungary.

All systems guardrail systems – over 10 lateral, over 6 central reserve and another 6 for bridge deck systems - produced by TUBOSIDER have been certified according mentione EN1317 and most of them have been CE marked as well. The wide range of available system allow the execution of customized and cost effective solution, exactly matching and satisfying any traffic safety requirement.