Multiplate structures

Tubosider galvanized corrugated steel structures are available in 3 different corrugations, 11 diffferent cross sectional shape and hundreds of different dimensions to allow the quick, cost effective and environment friendly realization of openings with span range of 0,60 – 12 m under traffic lanes. These structures are built up using maximum 1,20 x 2,60 m size steel plates, bolted together, forming most commonly a closed shape.

The assembled structure is flexible enough to disperse the load the structure is exposed to. Compared to rigid structures, these flexible corrugated steel culverts acts with the surrounding soil fill, to support the loads.

If requested, producer provides dimension and load bearing checks performed with computer software.


The structure is shipped to site in stack of plates and other components, along with an assembly drawing, which allows even inexperienced staff to assemble via bolting. The structure does not require special concrete foundation, simple sandy gravel bedding is required. The construction of the technical block – the soil around and above the structure taking part in bearing the loads – must be realized strictly following the descriptions defined in the manual of installation we provide.